Making the Most of Our QR Codes

Take your marketing to the big screen and off screen

Alex Scarborough, CEO & Co-Founder

We recently introduced downloadable and brandable QR codes for our Links. You can find them after creating a Link or by using the dropdown button on each Link and selecting “View URL” or “Download QR Codes.”

There are so many ways to be creative and clever with this technology; QR codes make it easy for players to simply scan and access your game without clicking, visiting websites, or opening emails. We wanted to share just a few of the ideas we envision this update bringing to life:

  • Customize QR Codes with Your Branding
    • Add a logo in the middle. One way to ensure players connect the dots between the code and your game is to put your logo on it. Opt for a simple graphic like your game’s coin if your logo is unclear at that size. Use the empty space in Teak’s Frame QR code to ensure your design doesn’t interfere with scanning.
    • Use your brand colors. Adjusting the colors is easy in most image editing software, so make it your own. For example, you could change the colors of the QR code’s foreground (the dark squares) and background (the light spots) with your brand’s two main colors. To ensure scannability, make sure to keep a high contrast between the two colors.
    • Make sure to test. Note that with this kind of customization, it’s critical to ensure that the new colors, logo, or images don’t interfere with the scanability of the QR code. So, always test your changes to make sure the code still scans at the size it will be printed.
  • Reward the Player for Scanning
    • Any link that rewards the player for tapping on it can be made into a QR code that rewards the player for scanning it. You could use a unique reward for an audience that you specifically deliver the code to, knowing they are either high value players or avid gamers, offering them a thank you gift.
  • Postcards, T-Shirts, Billboards and Beyond
    • QR codes live off screen, and they are a fun way to play with physical spaces. Imagine seeing your favorite mobile game on a billboard or in street art. The default resolution Teak provides should be big enough for postcards and other mailers. But let us know if you need even more pixels for larger prints (t-shirts? billboards?). Keep us posted on the creative things you do with these and how we can help.
  • A/B Test
    • You can use different Links and QR codes to see how copy and placement impacts how many players scan it. How does placement on a postcard change how many players scan the code? How do different branding elements in the code change scan rates? These could be valuable pieces of data and learnings to have on hand.
  • TV and YouTube
    • QR codes can live on screen, too. If you are running TV or YouTube advertising, consider including a QR code in your video that potential players can scan to install your game.
    • If you are sponsoring YouTube creators, give them a QR code to include in their video that potential players can scan to install your game. Some creators see 70% of their views come from connected TVs, and it’s important to ensure that potential players watching on their TV can go directly to the App Store from their device.

Are there other places where you want to share QR codes? Let us know how you’d like to use them and what we can do to support those use cases! We love to see our customers succeed.

👋 If you’re going to GDC on March 18-22, book some time with us to chat in person about how you’re using Teak, or what you’d like to see Teak do in the future, or just swap tips about our favorite places in SF.

More tips coming from our team soon!

Until next time,
Teak Team