Player Lifecycle: When Resurrected Players Rise Again

How to draw them back in. 😴🔜🥳

Alex Scarborough, CEO & Co-Founder

We have finally made it to the final stage (but not the last in our series!) of the Player Lifecycle: Resurrected 🥳 Players.

A Resurrected Player is a player who comes back to the game after having been out for at least a week. Essentially, a Lapsed or Dormant player who has reopened the game and is starting to tap around and play again.

According to our data here at Teak, there is a 65% chance a Player will come back the following week if they play two days in a row when they first come back as Resurrected. And we believe the best way to nudge them to play two days in a row is with the messaging cadence we’ll be walking you through below.

Screenshots of Link waking up at the beginging of Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

In Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, when Link wakes up, he’s given his shield and sent on an adventure. Equip your players for their adventure.

The goal in the Resurrected Player notification cadence is two fold:

  1. Rebuild a habit of playing the game
  2. Ease the player back into the Core/Risk messaging cadence

We are recommending a messaging strategy that takes place over the course of 3 days. The content for Resurrected will be closer to kind of you content you might make for reengagement. However, the cadence is going to be closer to Core & Risk Players. 

The Second Session is Key 🗝️

The most important first step is to get a Resurrected Player to have a second session on the day they come back. To do this, you’ll want to send a push 2 hours after return, and an email 4 hours after. Then, follow that up with another push 8 to 10 hours after return if they don’t have a second session. This is the same cadence we’d recommend for New Players, (but more on them in our next article installment.) 

After their first day back in the game, we move the frequency down a bit but stay consistent. Make sure they receive 1 email and 1 push the day after return. Note that this is a step up from what we discussed in our Lapsed Players article. After that, you’ll want to just add 1 push to the cadence so they receive 1 email and 2 pushes the 2nd day after return.

What if they don’t return for a second session? In that case, you’re going to keep the same cadence as the above, but make sure you increase rewards starting the day after they didn’t return. 

Let Your Risk Campaigns Finish the Job

From there, the Resurrected Player will automatically exit the Resurrected Phase of the Lifecycle and move into the Resurrected to Risk categories outlined before

  • 😐 Low Risk, if they came back all three days.
  • 😬 Medium Risk, if they came back on two days.
  • 🥱 High Risk, if they only came back on one day.
In Summary: A 3 Day Strategy 🌞🌞🌞

Once again, to break down and recap the suggested 3 days of messaging for Resurrected Players:

  • Day 1:
    Get them to play a second session on their first day by sending a push 2 hours after return and an email 4 hours after. Follow up with another push later if they don’t return.
  • Day 2:
    1 email and 1 push (with increased rewards if they haven’t returned for a second session)
  • Day 3:
    1 email and 2 pushes (with increased rewards if they haven’t returned for a second session)

If this strategy works, you’ll see Resurrected Players moving up into the Medium or Low Risk categories we covered in our second part of this series. From there, you apply the strategies we outlined for those groups to get them into Core.

The main goal with Resurrected Players is to not let them Lapse again, and for them to tap into the game, engage, and have fun. With the right wording, rewards, and cadence suggested above, we’re confident you can make that happen.

Questions? Thoughts? We’d love to know if you have any about this!

Teak Team