Carrot is now Teak
Our service is growing and we have a new name to grow with. Read about it.

Introducing Carrot

Social sharing, virality, word of mouth and other things that bring more customers to your app.

Mark McCoy, Creative Director

Hello, we’re a team of 3 game industry vets who got really interested in viral growth. So much so, we decided to start a company to concentrate on it.

Update: This post was written back when we were known as Carrot. Since then, we’ve rebranded to Teak.

Pat Wilson (CEO)
Alex Scarborough (CTO)
Mark McCoy (writing this)

Our overarching vision is to do smart stuff in the viral marketing space that creates advertising that isn’t “yet more freaking spam.”

We believe:

  • Things worth sharing aren’t spam.
  • Viral growth is a strategy and should be treated like one.
  • You need to try, test, and adjust your strategy as fast as you can.

Currently, we are working to help several app teams get the most from their app’s viral potential.

Our first product is a self serve platform for apps to make use of Facebook’s Open Graph Stories. We make it easy for developers to set it up and hand it off to marketing. We give marketing the tools to measure results and refine the stories that users share from their app to Facebook.

Long term, we see a suite of products that reduce the time through the “build, measure, learn” cycle for marketing tasks. The more iterations you can have against real world tests, the better your message is going to be.

We also see a future where better content is shared to social networks that is more relevant and more interesting for users.

Shiny Carrots

Our logo is a rare carrot gem. Not only is it a carrot that dangles out in front of people to attract them, but it’s also shiny. People love shiny.

We want to help marketers cut, polish, and shine their marketing.

Got a crazy interactive advertising experiment you want to try? Want to learn more about what we are doing?

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Mark (Creative Director)