Carrot is now Teak
Our service is growing and we have a new name to grow with. Read about it.

Make word
of mouth happen.

A/B test what your users share
and grow your organic reach.

Let's get started

App developers use Teak to ship, measure, and optimize their Facebook integration.

  1. Developers

    Hook it up and hand it off

    We handle the grunt work and you get back to working on your app.

  2. Marketers

    Control the message

    Iterate without changing code and find the stories that work best.

  3. Business-ers

    See meaningful results

    Get metrics for acquired users and revenue earned.

Become a master of all types of Facebook virals.

Craft stories about user activity that will attract their friends.

Test incentives that reward users for clicking.

Find the invites that people click and don't ignore.

Make sure notifications get results instead of spam reports.

  • A/B testing
  • Localization
  • Data-templating
  • Enhanced metrics
  • Desktop
  • Mobile

I got our team up and running with Teak in a few days. After optimizing our stories, social users account for 35% of our revenue.

Kelly Heckman, Community Manager at Spicy Horse Games