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What Would Ya Say...Ya Do Here?

Getting social set up to give you real returns is hard. We set out to make it easy. So how do we do it?

Pat Wilson, CEO

I wrote previously about build vs buy and laid out the arguments for not building your own solutions.

Everyone has heard that you need to integrate social in order to survive. But, getting social set up to give you real returns is hard. We set out to make that easy.

So, when you choose Teak, what are you are buying? Aka: “What would ya say.. ya do here?”

All forms of Facebook sharing and virals

Teak makes it trivial to take advantage of all of the forms of sharing and virals on Facebook:

  • Passively shared Open Graph stories
  • Explicitly shared Open Graph stories
  • Feed posts
  • Requests
  • Notifications

These channels provided by Facebook are powerful drivers of growth for your app, and properly using this functionality is essential to getting you more users.

Developers: Hook it up and hand it off

We give developers an SDK that lets them take advantage of all of this functionality from within their app requiring only a minimal amount of integration time. Once integration is complete, marketing can make changes to creatives without need for code changes. This lets developers get back to doing what they do best: working on their product.

Business Intelligence: Measure all the things

Making it easy to use sharing and virals is cool and all, but you don’t want to just share from your app; you want a growth engine that continually drives new users to your app. We give you the ability to A/B test your content in all of those channels. We give you enhanced metrics that allow you to understand where your users are coming from, when they’re coming in, and where they are located.

This allows you to tune your traditional advertising and optimize your ad buys. We also provide you with influencer analysis so you can see which of your customers are bringing in the most new users. We give you the ability to run cohort analysis, so you can break up your users into groups instead of just looking at your users as one big group.

Marketing: Take control with tools

This is a powerful set of features, but what is power without control? We put all of this functionality at the fingertips of your non-technical personnel. You can use our web-based tools to localize every bit of your sharable content. You can update your content, start and stop A/B tests, and even throttle viral send rates without needing to involve developer time at all.

When Facebook makes changes and updates, we take care of all of that too so you don’t need to re-deploy your app or devote time to maintenance.

DevOps: We’ve got it covered

In order to support all of this we’ve built a robust, redundant, high-availability tech stack. Serving up objects is one thing, but collecting all of the data is a much larger task. Our data warehouse makes sure you get up to date metrics. We handle a huge volume of requests, with uptime in the 99.99th percentile.

Your Social Problems: We solve them

No, not those problems. I mean your needs for Facebook integration. We are ready to help you ship, measure, and optimize social sharing and virals. Our team is focused on Facebook full-time, so your team can focus on your app full-time.